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Cat Barnes is an esotericist, a writer and artist who lives in the UK. She has always had a strong interest in studies relating to history, myth & folklore, spirituality, psychology, self-knowledge and the arts.
She also has graduate and post graduate qualifications in design, fine art, teaching and psychology.

This site is dedicated to my arts practice which includes fiction writing... please see under books for work completed, published and current focus.

I have created a Tarot Deck called Extant Tarot, this has been handcrafted.

Extant Tarot Deck Copyright Cat Barnes 2017

I create a variety of artwork pieces, usually with esoteric/symbolic themes incorporating a mixed media approach and experimental style. I have undertaken commissions, sold pieces and exhibited with some receiving commendations. 

Commissions are considered on a bespoke and individual basis... please contact me through the Contact Page to inquire.

Thank you!

I am currently working on making my Extant Tarot print ready using Photoshop... This is with a view to making them available to buy in the future.
Legacy - Children of The Isle is available to buy and download from Amazon... link in Published Fiction under Books in Menu. Legacy will also be available on other publishing platforms in the future!

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