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Cat Barnes is an esotericist, writer and artist with qualifications in design, fine art, teaching and psychology at graduate and post graduate levels; she has always written for pleasure from poems to prose. She has started her first major written project (Legacy) with the first book of the trilogy written, edited and published.

Children of the Isle is a completed and edited novel of which a previous edition has enjoyed global downloads through Amazon; the 3rd and final edition of the book is now available through Amazon but will also be available on other publishing platforms in the future. The outlines for the following two books of the trilogy have also been written, the working titles of which are Ill Wisher and The Strega Sanctus. 

Cat Barnes draws inspiration from some challenging experiences in her own life and weaves that energy into the plot of Legacy knowing full well what it takes to rise above trauma and major difficulties in life; as a result the central character Connie is both fragile and strong. She believes there is a robust market not just for the narrative of Legacy but also for the central character, one who is at first almost a reluctant heroine in training but who eventually starts to embrace her destiny and full potential. In this day and age a strong heroine is inspirational especially when you consider what is popular and marketable today; a prime example is the epic movie Wonder Woman. If you love fan fiction, the Twilight Series and more this is the fiction for you!

Cat has always undertaken an arts practice which has included exhibition of her work, sales, commissions and commendations. Cat is also working on designs for Tarot Decks with a view to sending them to print and making these available to buy. A handcrafted deck called Extant Tarot has been created which is currently being adapted through Photoshop. 

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