The Legacy Trilogy 

First book is Children of the Isle

Legacy - Children of The Isle is the first book. It will be followed by two more to create a trilogy which will follow an ongoing battle between the druids and a sect of witches called The Strega Sanctus. The working title for Book 2 is The Ill Wisher and for Book 3 is The Return of The Strega Sanctus, this is an ongoing and long term project so the first book Legacy - Children of The Isle does work as a stand alone book.

The genre of Legacy is YA and 'coming of age'. The writing fuses other genres into the story, that of romance, historical and an element of fantasy due to astral projection and characters such as witches, druids and shape-shifters. There is an historical element due to the heroine's ability to travel into her past life and therefore interact with the Romans and their invasion of the British Isles. As a result the writing is both contemporary and historical due to travelling across time but is mainly set in the present day.

The main geographical areas that feature heavily throughout the story and in the first book Legacy - Children of the Isle are Wales - Anglesey (historical) and Somerset - Glastonbury (contemporary).

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